Who are we, and what we take pride on?


newsmail.today is an intentionally-small enterprise of mine. I take pride on the fact that

  • It is not identified as a startup. I value slow and steady over uncontrolled growth at all cost.
  • It respects your privacy. Your data is not shared by 3rd-parties for data-mining or similar purposes. I am against commodification of personal information.
  • It is not engineered to cause addiction (e.g. infinite-scroll). On the contrary, I've developed it to help myself get rid of those.


As a responsibility towards its customers, newsmail.today will be transparent regarding its:

  • Financial status
  • Security & privacy incidents


My name is Bora! I am the founder and the solo developer of newsmail.today.

I came up with newsmail.today when I've realised I was wasting far too much time on Hacker News and reddit, but I also found those communities valuable and didn't want to miss out the content either.


I believe that the medium is the message and the way we consume the content matters.

Consuming content through e-mail incentivises slow-reading, opposes concision, and promotes longevity. The article you have read two years ago is probably long-gone but your e-mails can still be searched.